WebApps for Facebook, iPhone, Android & Co

Your data - where it is needed!

WebApps, gadgets, widgets - many terms used for a simple idea: to develop compact functionality for users.

Our know-how in the fields of data-management and interfaces help you personalize your apps for you customers.

Social Media comprises numerous possibilities of interaction with a given target group. The final step is to decide upon the tools. At the beginning strategic planning of which resources to use with which intentions towards interacting with a social community is inevitable.

Our social media workshops help you develop your strategy!

Applications for Facebook are one possible way to distribute information virally in a social community. Especially contests and branded online games can be part of a successful online campai

Apps are a good example of modern usage of the internet - apps reduce functionality to the basics.










Some of our iPhone Apps:

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Our virtual easteregg-hunt reached 260.000 users worldwide that played the game over 600.000 times!