E-Learning concepts & applications for Moodle

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The biggest capital of a company is the knowledge of its' employees. Without appropriate means this knowledge is often unused and not extended. Using specalized OpenSource products can save this knowledge for the company and your customers.

Corporate blogs, e-learning-sequences for product training and company-internal courses are just a few examples that can be implemented with todays' given technology. 

A continuing education of employees is an attribute of a working corporate culture. It is the foundation of a company's economic success. Development needs continuing education - let us help you develop your e-learning concepts.

To provide a good acceptance of all participants an appropriate e-learning strategy has to accompany the introduction of software-based e-learning systems in an organization.

Besides considering all given factors of the corporate culture the implementation of a sustainable strategy is inherent in the system - beginning with the development of course-concepts to their roll-out.


Different people have different learning styles. The personalization of learning processes is a central aspect of a lasting knowledge acquisition - from small learning objects to blended learning scenarios - we help you with our pedagocical know-how.


With over 50 million users Moodle is the largest LMS worldwide. Moodle is Open-Source and can be custimized very flexible.

We develop modules for Moodle to enhance its' functionality to international standards - from ePortfolio to game based learning.


exabis ePortfolio Block for Moodle

exabis student review Block for Moodle

exabis flash games for Moodle

exabis competences Block for Moodle


Employees and their knowledge are an essential part of a corporations' capital. According to international "life-long-learning"-programs continuing educational efforts and incentives can help keep standards and save knowledge.

We can help you develop such training concepts that can be implemented on a long term basis.